One Hand On The Pen. One Hand On The Drum.
A program sponsored by Folk Arts Rajasthan
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Jesse and Kashmira write together.

Folk Arts Rajasthan
Merasi School is proud to be program sponsored by Folk Arts Rajasthan, (FAR) an American nonprofit that works in concert with Lok Kala Sagar Sansthan, a Non-Governmental Organization in India run by and for the Merasi community, to promote their mutual missions of Merasi empowerment.

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Putting Education to Music
Akram practicing the tabla

Merasi School, a program sponsored by US non-profit Folk Arts Rajasthan

(FAR), is a community-driven arts and literacy classroom designed to create avenues of artistic and social empowerment for the marginalized Merasi (musicians) of Jaisalmer District, Rajasthan, India.

Lifting off the successful educational initiatives of FAR
, Merasi School integrates the Merasi's rapildy vanishing 38-generation-old musical legacy and communal desire for education into a cultural preservation and social justice curriculum.

The community objective of Merasi School is to nourish the development of their artistic legacy and grow the possiblity of their social landscape.
Saheena builds her knowledge base

Our Mission
We exist to provide a community-powered arts and literacy education that enables Merasi childen to celebrate their cultural past and chart their social future.

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Merasi School, a program sponsored by Folk Arts Rajasthan
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